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Height:  45cm x 45cm

Flowering Period:  June - August

Aspect:  Full sun

Soil Type:  Well drained but reasonable soil.

Common Name:  Oregano or Marjoram

Hardiness:  Hardy

Annual, Biennial or Perennial:  Perennial

Pollinator:  Yes - excellent


Culinary Uses:

Lovely form with soft green foliage topped with creamy-white flowers in the summer.  This form can be use to give a zing to Mediterranean and Mexican dishes particularly good with tomatoes, pasta, eggs, soups and on pizzas. 


Other Uses:

Can be dried or frozen for use out of season.


An unusual form of Oregano with clusters of creamy-white flowers.  As it says in the name this form has a bit of zing and can be used as a replacement for Chilli.  The Oregano family is one of the best for Pollinators.


HERB Origanum 'Hot and Spicy'

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